Sotires - Debut album release


  Sotires (2016)

The debut album by Sotires, featuring Fotis Siotas (CD)

' The debut of Sotires is a future 'hidden gem' of Greek rock' Markos Fragkos,

Fotis Siotas: vocals, violins, finger guitar - - Lefteris Moumtzis:


Sotires: Biography

Fotis Siotas, renowned greek musician (Sancho 003, Thanasis Papaconstantinou, Socrates Malamas, Alkinoos Ioannides etc) collaborates with Cypriot musician Lefteris Moumtzis (J. Kriste, Master of Disguise, Trio Tekke etc) to release his first album as frontman with the newly formed band Sotires. The album took two years to complete, initially with the pre-production work of Siotas-Moumtzis, who were then joined by Kostas Pantelis (guitars) and Vasilis Bacharides (drums) to create a work that finally puts Siotas on the forefront. The lyrics mainly belong to Siotas, with offers by by Lambridi, Melissides and Vrachnos.

All recordings were made by Andreas Trachonitis at Studio eleven63 (Nicosia, Cyprus) who not only mixed the album but also played a large role as a producer, alongside Moumtzis. Additional recordings were made by Mikaela Tsangari and Lefteris Moumtzis. The album was mastered in Athens by Demetris Papademetriou (SweetSpot Productions).

The album's 10 songs offer a unique approach to greek experimental-pop, leaning heavily on strong sound, a result of the band's multifaceted musical personalities and their important role in Greek discography over the past decade or so.

The band followed up their debut performance at Fengaros Festival 2016 with a mini Greek tour in September, where they performed the album in Athens and Thessaloniki. "Kokkinoskoufitsa" is the first single off this immaculate piece of work, the video for which has already been released online since May 21st 2016. The live recording/shooting of the video "Sotires - Live at the Library" is also expected to be released in mid January 2017 by Louvana Records.

Upcoming performances:

December 11th: Ypogeio, Thessaloniki

December 13th: Stavros tou Notou, Athens

December 21st: Ravens Music Hall, Limassol

December 22nd: Enallax Live, Lefkosia

The video for their first single, "Sotires - Kokkinoskoufitsa", directed by Vasilis Kehayias.


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