Fengaros Music Village 2015

Fengaros Music Village 2015 | Kato Drys | July 26th – July 31st | Cyprus
Symbiotic Workshops | Concerts | Lectures 

Louvana Records is once again teaming up with ArTree, the organising team behind the international music community “Music Village” based in Greece, to organise Fengaros Music Village for the second consecutive year. Artists from Cyprus, Greece and England will be leading music and theater workshops, proposing fresh and alternative methods of artistic learning.

The village of Kato Drys inspired the organisers and was once again chosen as the ideal setting to host the workshops, lectures and concerts of the Music Village. Workshops wil run on a daily basis, divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. Following the ending of all workshops every day, there will be free concerts by the Music Village's instructors and local bands, as well as performances by the Fengaros Music Village students.

The organisation aims to offer:

- educational sessions in the form of interactive masterclasses, which will be instructed by artists / musicians of international caliber in the areas of modern and traditional music. The themed sections of each workshop intend to approach the art of music and theater more broadly, yet effectively, whilst putting particular emphasis on original areas of artistic development.

- both organised and spontaneous performances of musical / theatrical pieces by the students

- the productive exchange of ideas and experiences between artists, students and participants of varied musical backgrounds and nationalities

- the creation of a long-lasting hybrid, artistic community, characterised by solidarity, both in the fields of collective creativity and in the production / distribution of artistic work.


The workshops:

Andys Skordis | Takedimi – Tadighinaton – Take

Takedimi-Tadighinaton-Take, is a workshop in both theory and practice, dedicated to the techniques and concepts of Karnatic music - South Indian Classical Music - and their application to modern music, entirely focused on rhythm. Traveling through the world of polyrhythms
and polypulses that Karnatic Music is enriched by, the workshop teaches musicians how to perform polyrhythms, how to play phrases in quintuplets and septuplets with complete accuracy and feeling, and most importantly, how to create a better sense of pulse.
To achieve these ends, the usage of the so-called ‘solkattu’ - South-Indian set of rhythmical syllables - plays a very important role in order to memorise and feel rhythmic patterns and phrases. The workshop applies to musicians of all genres, who want to greatly improve and explore their rhythmic abilities.

Emmanuel Vourakis | Blues Guitar and Blues Music

This workshop will attempt a deep comprehensive look into the Blues, as a form of music and genre, and the guitar as a crucial, if not the main protagonist of the instruments used in it. During its course, the workshop will include an in-depth historic recursion of the Blues, beginning from the late 19th century until today, the origins and the many different styles, its instrumentation, arranging and harmony and of course the variety of guitar styles and techniques used.
The workshop applies to anyone who is interested in the Blues, regardless of musical background.

Giorgos Xylouris / Zacharias Spyridakis | Cretan Music

Lutist Giorgos Xylouris (Psarogiorgis) and lyra player Zacharias Spyridakis present a workshop on Cretan music inviting the following instruments: lute, lyra, mandolin, tampoura (sazi), violin, guitar and percussion. A short introduction to the history of Cretan music
and songs will be given, using the lute and the lyra as reference instruments. The two will cover several different techniques, tunings and a wide repertoire. The workshop participants will be grouped into music ensembles, which will perform in concerts during the Music Village. The workshop invites musicians playing the instruments mentioned above.

Davide De Rose / Colin Somervell | Spontaneous Collaborative Music

This is a workshop devoted to group creativity that aims to share essential tools to help develop a stronger sense of musicianship. The workshop will be focusing on rhythmic strength, musical conduction and analysis. Over the course of the week students will work towards the absorption of many different styles and engage in lateral thinking, aiming to improvise and perform whilst hearing the group as one entity. The workshop will be delivered through group playing and will contain practical exercises that anyone can use.
All levels and instruments are welcome.


Kostas Makrygiannakis | Guitar Wired


What is the relationship between a song with guitar accompaniment written in the 19th century by Fernando Sor with the song “Under the Bridge” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers? How can we perform a masterpiece like “Strawberry Fields Forever” by the Beatles on the guitar, without the song losing its power? This workshop for acoustic / classical guitar aims to familiarise the musician-guitarist with the procedure of music making. Understanding the “geography” of the fret board, acoustic exercises, aesthetic approaches, one on one lessons and a lot of group playing will be used as tools to cover the subjects of sound production, guitar techniques, repertoire, lead-sheet preparation and rearrangements. Applicable to guitarists of all levels.


Vasiliki Anastasiou | The Power of your Voice

This vocal workshop will explore some of the strengths of the human voice in a journey of song learning from the music traditions of the Mediterranean. The songs will be taught in a group, developing the relationships and dynamics of the participants within it. The workshop will include experimentations with several non-conventional sounds that the voice can produce as a musical instrument, as well as theoretical analysis of sound production and advice on healthy and correct voicing. The workshop is applicable to anyone who wants to develop his or her vocal abilities through group work, regardless of occupation or musical background.


Andreas Panteli | Improvisation

We understand music (and the world) by recognising patterns. The more complicated they are, the more difficult it is for us to realise what we’re hearing. On the other hand, the more static they are, the more predictable they become and we might lose interest. The composer / improviser’s main challenge is to find that fine balance between chaos and predictability, and spark interest from their listener. If the intelligent game of developing variations on a pattern is played correctly, it leads to the telling of a coherent story, rich in content on the following areas which will be discussed: rhythmic variation, dynamics, sonic areas (low – high), melodic order, timbre and colour of sound. The workshop will be divided into two parts, the morning session where all the different techniques of developing and variating will be analysed, and the afternoon where the participants will jam together, aiming to utilise these different techniques with musicality. Applicable to performers of all levels/genres.

Harris Lambrakis | Constantinople's Makams

The Ottoman Empire may have fought wars from Algeria through to the Indian Ocean, and Poland through to Ethiopia, it may have had under its dominion most of the known languages and religions of the times, but when we talk about Ottoman Music we mostly refer to the music of Constantinople. The main subject of this workshop is the so called makams and in a broader sense the whole music of Constantinople. The idea is to approach this set of makams practically, through a wide repertoire - mainly from Ottoman music. The workshop will focus on listening exercises, practical exercises on the instruments, and the analysis of the makams. Wherever necessary, the repertoire will be extended beyond Ottoman music, based on old recordings of taksims, and gazels. The set of makams that this workshop will concentrate on are: Rast, Bayati, Sabah, Hicaz, Segah and Huzzam. Musicians of all levels, playing instruments relevant to this genre of music are welcome, as long as they have a basic knowledge of reading music.

Barnaby Keen / Jonathan Clayton | Songwriting and Music Production
In collaboration with Cyprus Music Information Centre

This workshop gives an opportunity to explore and learn about the art of songwriting and the creative processes behind it. Writing a song is a process of letting go, releasing an idea without crushing the life out of it with the weight of expectation. We will create a space for voicing our own thoughts and insights on songwriting whilst learning from each other. There will be time to reflect on some of the underlying motivations behind why we write songs, learn what we can do to remove creative barriers and ask the question: What is there to write about? We will also look into and learn some more traditional aspects of songwriting such as: the song structure, lyric writing, harmonic modulation and arrangement. The workshop will also offer its participants the chance to play some of their material to an audience. Time will be spent on practicing producing/recording demos. Some of the songs resented at the workshop will, at a later stage, be chosen to be recorded as proper productions in the studio, and to be released by Louvana Diskoi and the Cyprus Music Information Centre.
Anyone interested in the art of songwriting/music production is welcome.

Athena Kasiou | From The Text

Τheater director Athena Kasiou focuses on the techniques of reconstructing a text with the intention of locating the information that it provides regarding its surrounding world, its characters, its circumstances, its intentions, its main themes and facts, keeping in mind its potential evolution into a theatrical performance. Through exercises, specific scenes will be brought to life, shining a light on what makes a scene immediate and spontaneous. This workshop is applicable to actors, directors, writers, and individuals that have a relationship, or want to build a relationship with the theatrical world.

Elenitsa Georgiou | Around the world with music!

In this interactive workshop, children will have the opportunity to get in touch with cultures from different parts of the world through musical games, traditional children’s songs and bizarre fairytales. The children will also be taught how to distinguish a song from speech, to use voices they have hidden inside them, and breathe correctly while they perform vocal exercises. Appropriate for ages from 5 to 12. Two, 2-hour long workshops will be given on the 28th and 29th of July - 5.30 to 7.30pm.

Workshop Duration:

Around 30 hours each, morning and afternoon sessions.

Cost of Participation:

€170 - includes invitation to Fengaros Festival 2015.

€200 - includes 5 lunch meals and invitation to Fengaros Festival 2015.

* Cost for "Around the world with music":

€10 per child per workshop (Siblings: €7.50 each)



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The Instructors:

Andys Skordis

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2007, Andys Skordis moved to Amsterdam in 2008 to continue his post-graduate at the city’s Conservatorium. He studied composition under Richard Ayers, and Carnatic music with Rafael Reina. He’s a multi-awarded composer in the field of contemporary classical music, and in the past few years he has been continuing his research to specialize in South-Indian and Indonesian music, as well as free improvisation.

Emmanuel Vourakis

Emmanuel Vourakis is a graduate from Berklee College of Music, a member of the blues band “The Zilla Project” which performs all over Cyprus, and a former member of the band “The Blues Wire” from Greece. He has performed both live and in the studio with many artists both in Europe and the USA, throughout his 20-year-long career as a professional guitarist.

Giorgos Xylouris

Giorgos Xylouris is a rightful member of the legendary and musical Xylouris family, and is regarded as one of the most important lute players of Crete today. He also collaborates with musicians from different musical traditions, most notably with the American drummer Jim White. He has taken part in countless festivals and seminars of Cretan music around the world.

Zacharias Spyridakis

Zacharias has been involved with the Cretan Lyra since 1980, having studied closely with the great Cretan lyra-player and teacher of Cretan music, Kostas Mountakis, and having received his degree from the Greek Conservatory of Athens in 1989. He has performed all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia) and has collaborated with the top Greek and foreign composers such as Vangelis Papathanasiou (Vangelis), Yiannis Markopoulos, Steve Wood and Jordi Saval. In the last few years he has been a main collaborator at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop.

Dave De Rose

Dave De Rose is a half-Italian, half-English drummer, music producer and sound engineer, and holds his position as a vital member of the English and international music scene. He has played and collaborated with big names such as Mulatu Astatke, Moloko, Mark Ronson, Rokia Traore, Jamie Cullum, Corinne Bailey Rae and many others.

Colin Somervell

Colin, born in England and raised in Chile, has been active in the London music scene since 2005, playing with diverse musicians, ranging from World Music to Free Jazz and Singer/Songwriters to Progressive Rock. He is graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire and Trinity College of Music (double bass). As a member of Trio Tekke, he has released two albums and toured Europe, and is now based in South-East London where he works as a freelance musician and tutor while learning violin repair/making at South Thames College.  

Vasiliki Anastasiou

Vasiliki Anastasiou is the creator and vocalist of The Amalgamation Project, an ethnic-jazz project that brings jazz and traditional musicians on the same platform. Last year’s Music Village gave birth to the Amalgamation Choir which is now active around the year. She graduated from London College of Music from where she received the title Master in Music Performance (vocals) with distinction. She has performed all over the world with various bands and projects.    

Kostas Makrygiannakis

Kostas Makrygiannakis is the current director at Thessaloniki’s national conservatory, and has studied music in both Thessaloniki and London (Trinity College of Music). He has collaborated with outstanding musicians such as the violinist Rosemary Campton, the tenor James Geer, and the singers Giannis Aggelakas, Foivos Delivorias, Manolis Famellos and Maria Thoidou. He is a founding member of the international artistic community “Music Village” in Greece.

Andreas Panteli

Andreas is a professional jazz pianist and composer, and holds degrees from both Codarts Rotterdam Conservatorium and the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag. He has taken part in several projects in Europe and deals with different styles of music ranging from traditional to modern jazz, soul and groove music. He’s a member in a various bands and ensemble, and at the same time teaches piano and improvisation.

Harris Lambrakis

Harris Lambrakis is one of the most significant ney-players and teachers. He has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists such as Savina Yannatou, Bijan Chemirani, Domna Samiou, Michalis Siganides, Haid Yazdijian, Ross Daly (among others) and has been a member of numerous ensembles such as Primavera en Salonico and OnEira to name a few. He has appeared in more than 150 international releases as a performer/composer, playing traditional jazz, world, contemporary and improvisatory music. He formed the Harris Lambrakis Quartet in 2006, who have so far released two albums (Thea 2010, Meteora 2012).

Barnaby Keen

Barnaby Keen is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and published songwriter for BMG Chrysalis, who owns his own studio in Camberwell. He is a member of various groups such as Flying Ibex, who have performed festivals such as Glastonbury, Latitude, SGP Bestival, and the Moroccan gnawa-fusion band called Electric Jalaba among others. Barnaby has worked as a session musician at Abbey Road studios, and Paul Epworth's Church Studios as well as having writing credits with Hudson Taylor, Kate Tempest, Kimberly Anne, Emilia Martensson and Rag N Bone man.

Jonathan Clayton

Jon is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, with studies at Bretton Hall. He has a lot of experience both as a touring musician and as a session musician, playing bass, drums, cello and piano, and has worked around the world as stage manager. In the studio, he has worked with a number of producers and engineers such as Rob Ellis and Steve Albini, recording many different styles of music from jazz to punk and beyond. He is the owner of OneCat Studio in London.

Athena Kasiou

A graduate of Emerson College in Boston with further studies in London, Moscow and Bali, and a founding member of the theatrical team «Open Arts», Athena has so far directed the works of A Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare and The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov, as well as having collaborated with painter Carl Krull in «In Two Minds» (THOK). She runs her own venue called SPACE where she recently presented the sold-out play called True West by Sam Shepard, among others.

Εlenitsa Georgiou

Following her studies in music in Thessaloniki and Exeter, Elenitsa undertook intensive courses in Miming and Body Theatre, Music Education for Children and Story Narration/Writing. She has organised, and taken part in cultural/educational performances for adults and children, as well as in traditional music concerts as a singer and percussionist. She has been a member of the International Society of Music Education, and is a licensed Kindermusic educator. She has worked as a music educator in kindergardens and elementary schools in Greece, Cyprus and England.

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