Fengaros Music Village 2017 | 27.7 - 1.8 | Kato Drys | Cyprus

Symbiotic Workshops / Concerts / Lectures 

Fengaros Music Village enters its fourth year with ten music, storytelling and architecture workshops as well as an artist residency. Artists from Cyprus, Greece, U.S.A. and England will instruct workshops, proposing alternative methods of learning and creating.


The village of Kato Drys in the Larnaka District provides the ideal setting to host the workshops, lectures and concerts that take place in the framework of Fengaros Music Village. The workshops and lectures will take place daily during the morning and afternoon hours, while the evening concerts / workshop presentations, which are open to the public, will complete the daily schedule.


Goals of Fengaros Music Village:


The implementation of educational, interactive workshops (masterclasses), instructed by artists of international caliber in the areas of modern and traditional creation. The themed sections of each workshop intend to approach the arts more broadly, yet effectively, whilst concentrating on original areas of artistic development.

The encouragement of both organised and spontaneous performances executed by students and instructors.

The productive exchange of ideas and experiences between artists, students and participants of varied backgrounds.

The creation of a long-lasting hybrid, artistic community, characterised by solidarity, both in the fields of collective creativity and in the production / distribution of artistic work.



The workshops

Martha Mavroidi - The Happy Hour Choir

**** The workshop is full.

Martha Mavroidi

A workshop for the human voice

Each voice is unique. Our goal is to make good use of the particularities of our voice and experiment with it in a creative manner. The workshop explores the possibilities and limits of the human voice, treating the voice as a musical instrument. Commencing from simple vocal forms, we will create a vocal orchestra, named Happy Hour Choir. The Happy Hour Choiris an orchestra which is transformed into a vehicle, ready to embark on a journey in the world of music. An instrumental composition from Manos Hadjidakis, a song from Lilipoupoli, a melody from the Arabic world orchestras, a polyphonic tune from Bulgaria, a rhythmic form from India, a traditional song from Dodekanisa; all these different elements will form a source of inspiration for the next music station of our journey. At the same time, the workshop functions as an experiment, touching upon the means with which we participate in a group and the way we contribute to the end result through our advantages and our weaknesses, discovering the power of our voice within our coexistence with other voices.

This workshop is addressed to anybody who would like to explore his/her voice as part of a vocal ensemble, professionals and amateurs, musicians or non-musicians.

Ermis Michail - Modern Guitar Vol. 2

Ermis Michail

The workshop’s goal is for the students to gain more ease and technical ability with the instrument by exploring the world of improvisation, and at the same time to expand their knowledge regarding the guitar’s role in an ensemble. During the lessons the students will work on technique, aesthetics, and building a musical vocabulary in all aspects (melody, harmony and rhythm), which will eventually allow them to express themselves with greater freedom. The formation of ensembles among students from other workshops will be  highly encouraged as to aim towards team creativity as well as the practice of perception regarding the personal role that each individual has within a larger group.

The workshop is open to guitarists of all levels.

Rodos Panayiotou - Afro-Brazilian Percussion

Rodos Panayiotou

In this percussion workshop students will have the opportunity to learn and familiarise themselves with a handful of genuine percussion instruments such as the surdo, ganza, caixa, tamborim, agogo bells, repinique, cuica and pandeiro. During the lessons the rhythmology, technique and phrasing of each instrument will be taught separately for each instrument. A lot of emphasis will be given to Afro-Brazilian musical genres such as Samba Batucada and Samba Reggae. The workshop aims, besides the student’s personal musical experience, to encourage team communication and creativity as well as to show students the musical strengths and benefits of performing in a group. This will be a unique and fun experience for students as they will be able to perform what they have been taught in front of an audience at the end of the week.

The workshop welcomes anyone who is interested in this music genre and enjoys the sound of percussion. No previous musical education or experience is required.

Giorgos Kalogirou - Place, Speech, Sound - Creative Writing Workshop

Giorgos Kalogirou

The creative writing workshop will be dealing with the techniques of setting lyrics or poems to music and with the lyric-writing art as material to be set to music. The source of inspiration will be the concept of place (space), as it provides the setting in which the life and history of its people evolves, in this case Cyprus. The workshop will use elements from both Cypriot traditional music and the broader modern Greek creation. The workshop’s goal is the development / improvement of the participants’ creative skills and their practice of composing different musical and lyrical elements, inspired both by their country as well as their personal music influences.

The workshop invites musicians, actors, composers, lyricists, poets and anyone interested in songwriting in both modern Greek, and the Cypriot dialect. The musicians can participate using any musical instrument.

Fotis Siotas: not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop, not just a loop...

Fotis Siotas

Composition, musical arrangement and transcription of songs in an environment resembling that of a rehearsal, using loop-stations, effect-pedals, as well as acoustic instruments. Musicians that have already been experimenting with effect-pedals, and acoustic-instrument players will come together in this workshop, with the goal of shaping a unique orchestra. The students will study with one another so that they are able to compose and transcribe music with all the means they will acquire through the sessions. We will approach this through the manipulation of effects and their capabilities / usage as tools of musical arrangement, combining them with acoustic instruments to discover new paths in how they can blend musically.

This workshop can be attended by students interested in effects manipulation and loop stations, instrument players or singers, as well as people who play acoustic instruments.

Michalis Kapilidis - Finding Your Voice

Michael Kapilidis

As a sequel to last year’s workshop, Michael Kapilidis will attempt to help participants navigate themselves with more ease and efficiency in the long journey of discovering their own voice on their instrument. Devoted to his philosophy of a teaching approach that ignores all music genres (agnostic way of teaching), he will provide students with tips, share his concepts and recommend exercises /  techniques; all of which can be tailored to suit and cater to each student’s needs for their own personal expression.

This workshop is mainly addressed to drummers, but also welcomes bass players and guitar players of intermediate / advanced level.

Alexi David - Jazz Music Workshop

Alexi David

Jazz is a music taught in the oral tradition. This workshop will involve ensemble-playing with analytical talk. The focus is on rhythm, which sonically is what defines Jazz. There is way too much focus in schools on harmony – a Eurocentric concept. Jazz operates on the same principles as African music. We will talk about why historically certain things were played, and what their meaning is. It is about learning a language, a way of life. Musicians will play tunes, which may be interrupted for criticism. There will be no sight-reading as the workshop will mainly focus on listening and learning by ear. Participants must be prepared for heavy criticism if the situation warrants it; Egos can be checked at the door. The same rules that apply in Jazz also apply to learning any other language; the same is true regarding group improvisation – how you play on the bandstand mirrors how you interact with other humans in everyday life. The focus will be on Jazz – defined by me personally as music that sounds like it came from Louis Armstrong. There will be no focus on later derivatives such as Electric-Fusion, Free Improvisation and the like.

Τhe workshop concerns musicians of all levels, instruments and backgrounds, as well as individuals who have an interest in jazz. The workshop will be taught in English.

Marina Katsari - Storytelling Workshop

Marina Katsari

Marina Katsari returns to Fengaros Music Village with a comprehensive storytelling workshop, which incorporates learning-by-doing and full participation. The instructor invites her participants to traverse and practise the theory of the narrative art in action; she challenges them to track down and analyse the ineffable strength of oral ability and delve deeply into the techniques of narration. This year, Marina Katsari will trace back the boundaries between personal and collective narration; boundaries between the “I” and the “we” of people’s stories, making good use of docudrama. Additionally, a real-time connection between narration as such and other figurative arts is attempted (music, dance etc).

The workshop is addressed to aspiring narrators, educators of all levels, motivators, all kinds of team leaders, professionals and amateurs from the Arts and all creative occupations.

Manolis Pappos - Bouzouki

Kostas Makrygiannakis

Photo@Gabriel Gabrielides


This workshop will reveal the virtues and positive facets of the instruments that have marked the tradition of Greece, through the hands and the aesthetic of one of the greatest living bouzouki players. The lessons will concentrate on the two important aspects of the Bouzouki (and other similar instruments): technical dexterity and the principles of improvisation, while paying special attention to “dromoi” and their harmonization.


Concerns professional musicians and advanced students of bouzouki, tzouras and baglamas.

* This particular workshop’s duration is 25 hours from the 27th until the 31st of July, only afternoon sessions

Dave de Rose - Artist Residency

Dave de Rose

Dave de Rose will be attending the Music Village as Resident Artist, spending the first few days in all the workshops as well as getting heavily involved in the running of each evening's jam sessions. During the initial days of the Music Village he will be selecting a few students from each workshop to create an ensemble, which will perform on the first day of Fengaros Festival. The group will rehearse outside of workshop hours and the music will be catered to the students' abilities making use of diverse music material including some of Dave's compositions,so as to present a final production that showcases the many aspects of their learning at the village. The ensemble will be collaborating on every aspect of the final performance, including scheduling rehearsals and managing all aspects of their preparation, from stage presentation to sound, as well as musical direction and arrangements. The group will be encouraged to stretch the compositions beyond recognition in order to create an original performance which showcases their personalities and creativity.

Architecture Laboratory - Xssummer Workshop III

** Τhis workshop is full. If you apply you will enter a Waiting List and will be contacted in case of a cancellation **

The workshop is based on the design and implementation of an architectural installation in the village of Kato Drys. The workshop will be addressing public space within the traditional Cyprus village, as a collector of rich and complex interactions, both planned and spontaneous. The installation will support activities of Fengaros festival while energising the space with new programmes. The creation of these spaces will address the needs of the various users, social and cultural requirements, encouraging both planned and spontaneous social interaction. During the workshop, participants will go through all the stages of the design process, eventually constructing the final proposal(s) at 1:1 scale on the proposed site. Workshop Tutors and curators: Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Teresa Tourva, Dimitris Thomopoulos, Dimitris Economidis, Eleni Flouri and Andreas Tsiaklis.

The workshop concerns architecture students, young architects and other professionals within the design disciplines. The workshop will begin on July 26th and end on August 1st. Participation fee is set to €120 (€160 including five lunch meals), which includes free accommodation for all participants and an invitation to attend Fengaros Festival 2017. (https://xssummerworkshop.com)

*Supported by Frederick University


Workshop Duration

Around 30 hours each, morning and afternoon sessions.

Cost of Participation:

€170 - includes invitation to Fengaros Festival 2017

€210 - includes 5 lunch meals and invitation to Fengaros Festival 2017

*The meals will be provided by the restaurant “The House of the Wind”.

*** Cancellations/Refunds ONLY until the 10th of July.


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Youth Supporter: Bank of Cyprus

Sponsor: Cultural Services of Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture

Supporters: House of the Wind, studio eleven63      


Our Instructors

Martha Mavroidi

Martha Mavroidi is a singer, lutist and composer from Greece. She has been singing and playing folk lutes from her childhood, performing music from Greece and the Balkans. Later she developed an interest in contemporary music, blending elements of folk music with contemporary harmony and improvisation. She has participated in various world and contemporary music projects in Europe and the United States. With Martha Mavroidi Trio they have toured in Sweden, Spain, France, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece, and have performed at Womex Globalkan Scene in 2012. She has studied Musicology in Athens, Ethnomusicology in London (SOAS) and Los Angeles (UCLA), and Contemporary Music in Amsterdam (Conservatorium Van Amsterdam). She studied the saz with Periklis Papapetropoulos, Byzantine chanting with Ioannis Arvanitis, Bulgarian singing with Dessislava Stefanova, Galina Durmushlyiska, and Tzvetanka Varimezova, and vocal technique with Giorgos Samartzis. She has collaborated with choirs and vocal ensembles, composing and arranging music for voices a capella, and she has been teaching seminars on polyphonic singing and on modal improvisation. She conducts the vocal orchestra Happy Hour Choir, and the Greek Folk Choir of the National Conservatory of Holargos. She has composed music for films, dance and theater productions. Since 2013 Martha is the artistic director of Tinos World Music Festival.

Ermis Michail

Ermis Michail was born in 1988. He started playing the guitar at the age of 14. In 2008 he was accepted at the Rotterdam Conservatory (Jazz Department) for his Bachelor degree (jazz guitar). He performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2010 as a member of the Rotterdam Big Band. In 2011 he got his Bachelor degree in Music (Jazz Guitar) with honors. In 2012 Ermis Michail won the 1st prize at “The Nicolas Economou Foundation (NEF) Scholarship Competition”. In 2014 he got a Master’s degree in Jazz Guitar from the Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts). In 2016 he released his debut album, "Minor Change", consisting of his original compositions. He is currently teaching jazz guitar at the University of Nicosia while performing in various projects as a leader and a sideman at venues all over Cyprus, Greece, the UK and the Netherlands.

Rodos Panayiotou

Rodos Panayiotou is a professional percussionist, who holds a diploma from Ellinikon Odeon (1998), and a degree from the Rotterdam Conservatorium in Latin-Jazz and World Music (2005). From 2007 until present he has been teaching drums and percussion at European University Cyprus, as well as at the University of Nicosia. He is also a member of various local ensembles and performs all over Cyprus and abroad. He has performed with artists such as Giorgos Ntalaras, Marios Frangoulis, Pantelis Thalassinos, Vasilis Lekas, Dimitris Mpasis, Kostas Hadjis, Glykeria, Miltiadis Paschalides and many others. From 2006 until today he has been collaborating and performing in concerts with the composer Andreas Georgiou, both in Cyprus and abroad. In 2009 he formed Batukinio, a percussion group which is nowadays comprised by 35 members. Their first performance was at the opening ceremony of Games of the Small States of Europe which took place in Cyprus that same month. Since then, they have performed in various cultural events all over Cyprus.

Giorgos Kalogirou

The well-known Cypriot musician, composer and instructor of Cypriot music and literature, Giorgos Kalogirou, writes music based in and about Cyprus, always trying to portray the country in a brighter light that doesn't always revolve around its bitter history. He has so far released three albums, and his composition portfolio has brought him in contact with the biggest names in the traditional music of Cyprus, Greece and further away, and as a result he has created long-lasting collaborations. His songs include lyrics by himself, his collaborating lyricists, and also use written word by poets. He also teaches music and lute at the cypriot "Music Upper Schools", he conducts the choir of Deryneia, and he has a long-lasting career in the field of education.

Fotis Siotas

Fotis Siotas was born in Thessaloniki. He became involved with music at the age of six, as a member of Ayia Triada Children's Choir. He begun his studies in singing and violin at Thessaloniki's State Conservatory at the age of nine. He has been a member of many of the city's bands, such as Podilates, Boomstate and Evoi Evan. In 1993 he began working with Socratis Malamas and Thanassis Papaconstantinou both live and in the studio (13000 Meres, Dromoi, Ekso, Vrahnos Profitis, Agripnia, Ta Zontana, Diaphanos, I Vrohi apo Kato, Samanos, O Elahistos Eaftos). In Elahistos Eaftos he not only orchestrated, but also performed most of the material. He has also worked with Yiannis Aggelakas kai oi Episkeptes (Apo Do kai Pano), with Nikos Veliotis (Oi Anases ton Likon), on the musical childrens' tales of Dimitris Baslam where he performed on O Gargalistis and Thimomeni Betoniera, and Babis Papadopoulos on Draco's Cave. Since 2005, he has formed Sancho 003 with Kostas Pantelis, a highly acclaimed duet which has so far released two albums (We Buy Gold, Muzga), who have also collaborated with various dance productions by the dance group Sinequanon. In 2016, he has formed another band with Lefteris Moumtzis, Kostas Pantelis and Vasilis Bacharidis called Sotires, with whom he has released their debut self-titled album through Louvana Records.

Michalis Kapilidis

Michalis Kapilidis was born in Drama in 1973. He began taking drum lessons at the age of 10 with Kostas Pagonides at Thesaloniki’s Contemporary Conservatorium (1983-89), while taking percussion and theory lessons. In 1991-94, he completed his studies with Takis Barbas at the Agostini School of Drums. In 1989, at the age of 16, he became a professional musician, performing with Nikos Papazoglou in his summer tours (91-95) while also working at Plato in Thessaloniki where he performed with Socrates Malamas, Eleni Tsaligopoulou and Melina Kana among others. He has been a member of various jazz, blues and rock groups in Thessaloniki such as K. Magginas, Blues Wire, Nikos Ntounousis and others. He has also been a member of Noe, with which he released an album for Lyra. In 1997 he performed with Elli Paspala and in 1998 he moved to Athens permanently and has since been a permanent collaborator of Alkinoos Ioannides, both in the studio and live. He has also worked with Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Kostas Tournas, Demetrιs Savvopoulos, Alkistis Protopsaltι and others. From 1999 until 2003 he was a member of the alternative band Closer with which he released the album “Suddenly Comes”. He has been a member of MMS group since 2005. This will be his second year at Fengaros Music Village.

Alexi David

Alexi David is a Charles Mingus scholar, born in Cyprus and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He studied at The New School, where he also did a semester of internship at The Door, a youth center in SoHo for mostly minority teenagers – showing them music as a way out of the harsh inner-city troubles. As a freelance bassist in NYC, his employers past and present have included Nellie McKay, Terry Waldo’s Gotham City Band, The Fat Cat Big Band, and Junior mance. He plays mostly any style of jazz – from Dicieland to Free/New York style. He is a multi-instrumentalist who performs everywhere in New York – from private events to clubs to the Lincoln Center with his own groups such as “Alexi David’s Patriot Act” which combines greek rembetiko with American jazz, and is also the leader of many other jazz groups. He is also an arranger, composer and transcriber of music – all of which he provides as a service on a regular basis.

Marina Katsari

Marina Katsari is a professional storyteller and child-theater educator. She teaches Creative Drama at the University of Cyprus and Creative Storytelling at European University. She has led seminars and experiential workshops for performing artists, teachers, parents and children in both Cyprus and Greece. She has taken part in various performances, collaborating with many different artists and teams. She presents personal and collective educational programs in museums (CVAR, Hatsigeorgakis Kornesiou Ethnological Museum etc). She gained a lot of experience in pre-school education, working at various institutions in England (Royal Shakespeare Company Nursery School) and in Cyprus (both in the public and private sectors). As a musician (clarinettist) she has performed with the Cyprus Youth Orchestra and THEPAK. She holds a degree from the Νursery Governesses Department at the University of Cyprus, and a Master of Arts in Drama and Theater Education from the University of Warwick (England). She has attended countless educational seminars regarding storytelling, educational theater and drama, puppet-theatre and music.

Manolis Pappos

Manolis Pappos is one of the most highly acclaimed bouzouki players, known to the public through his collaborations both live and in the studio (Ntalaras, Tsaligopoulou, Arvanitaki, Papademetriou etc). He was born in Pireaus in 1963 and since 1978 he began playing bouzouki, oud and guitar, expanding his studies of folk and traditional music. He has been working as a professional musician since 1982, performing in entertainment centers and concerts, while at the same time recording for known composers and performers. He has worked with Nikos Papazoglou, Dimitra Galani, Eleftheria Arvanitaki, Giorgos Dalaras, Socrates Malamas, Orfeas Perides among others. He has also worked with Mikis Theodorakis on the opera Lycistrate, with Demetris Papadimitriou on the album Tragoudia Gia Tous Mines, and since 2004 he has become a permanent collaborator of the State Orchestra of Greek Music and Stavros Xarhakos. In 2003 he released an album called "Osa sou Moiazoun" with Universal, of his own music with lyrics by Elias Katsoulis, Alkinoos Ioannides, Christos Spourdalaki and Thanasis Papakonstantinou, performed by Sofia Papazoglou. The same year, the album Aigaio was also released, containing songs whose music and lyrics were written by Vassilis Drogkaris and himself for Yiorgos Kolozis' documentary called Aigaio Nin kai Aei

Dave de Rose

Dave de Rose is a half-Italian, half-English drummer, music producer and sound engineer, and holds his position as a vital member of the English and international music scene. He has played and collaborated with big names such as Mulatu Astatke, Moloko, Mark Ronson, Rokia Traore, Jamie Cullum, Corinne Bailey Rae and many others. Since 2015 he also performs with the cypriot act Trio Tekke. This will be his third participation at Fengaros Music Village, but his first as a resident artist.

Architecture team:


The team was created in 2014 and comprises of young architects and academics, whose focus is on exploring the spatial and social dynamics between architecture and the built environment. Through installations, practices and actions, the group seeks to activate spaces by proposing interventions for new programs and forms of social interaction. In addition, the group aims to highlight and inform the public about the potential and positive effects that architectural design can offer a community and the wider environment through participatory design, workshops, lectures and construction. Through organized activities, the group attempts to promote architectural education, creating opportunities for students and young architects.  The workshops organized in recent years, focus on solving real problems and offer participants the opportunity to gain experience in a collaborative design process from initial concept to 1:1 scale hands on construction. The team has participated in the ABR Festival (August 2014) with the installation ‘Parallax’ (Eleonora Antoniadou, Delis Papadopoulos, Eleni Flouri, Andreas Tsiaklis, Klitsa Antoniou), The Nicosia Pop Up Festival (October 2014) with the project ‘The Makariou Campus’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Tereza Tourvas, Klitsa Antoniou, Demetris Economides, Eleni Flouri, Charis Solomou), The ABR Festival (August 2015) with the installation ‘Inner Paradise’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Andreas Tsiaklis, Eleni Flouri), Festival Xarkis (July 2015, 2016) with the Architecture Laboratory xssummer workshop (Eleonora Antoniadou, Delis Papadopoulos, Tereza Tourvas, Demetris Thomopoulos, Demetris Economides, Eleni Flouri, Charis Solomou, Andreas Tsiaklis) and

Pafos 2017 Cultural Capital, participation with the installation ‘The Green Shower’ (Delis Papadopoulos, Eleonora Antoniadou, Andreas Tsiaklis, Eleni Flouri).