Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the cost of accommodation? How do I book it?

The Agrotouristic lodges available at the village are limited and mostly consist of one bedroom with a double bed. They are all run by family businesses around the village with lots of care. Some include breakfast, others don't. The average price is 50 EUR per room per night, with the possibility of two people sharing a room for 25 EUR per night. You can book a room by calling +357 99735225. The Louvana team is working very hard to connect people in the same bedroom, so that the price for each person can be halved. The rooms are available for rent through us until July 10th. After that date the rooms will be rented through the owners, therefore we can not guarantee the same prices.

2. Can I stay at home and come and go as I please?

You only need to be in the village during the hours your workshop is running. Classes usually start at 10.00-11.00 am, and last until 6.00-7.00 pm with a break during lunchtime. There will be free concerts every evening, followed by jam sessions late at night which are not mandatory.

3. I am an already established/professional musician. What do I have to gain from taking part in the Music Village?

You will be given the opportunity to interact, work and socialize with some of the best instructors in their field, teach and learn from amateur musicians, and play/jam with all participants for an entire week. The Music Village provides a platform for musicians from different backgrounds/fields to get to know each other, and create solid collaborations which continue through the rest of the year.

4. Is there any way to communicate with the instructor of my chosen workshop before paying for my participation?

You will be given the instructor's email in case you need it, and you can contact each instructor directly with any questions you have regarding the workshop.

5. Can I get a refund in case I cannot attend the workshops? Is there a cancellation fee?

The participation fee will be refunded in full until the 10th of July. Due to running costs of the workshops, the money will not be refunded past that date.

6. Can I attend the workshop on just some of the days? 

The workshops are structured in a continuous manner, meaning that the lessons will be getting more advanced as the days go by. It is therefore advised that you attend the full course of the lessons. There is no discount if you chose to attend just a few days, you will have to pay the entire fee.  

7. If I decide to pay the 210 EUR fee, what does the meal include?

Two different meals will be served every day, also accommodating to vegetarian needs. The offer only includes lunch for one person, from July 27th to July 31st included.

8. Extra activities

Two lectures will be hosted during the week by established enterpreneurs/artists in the music industry, free for all the enrolled participants.

9. Do I get a certificate for participating?

A certificate will be handed at the closing ceremony on Friday, July 31st, signed by each workshop's instructor and the artistic director of Fengaros Music Village.