Lefkosia Loop Festival 2017

1,2,3 and 4 March 2017
Kato Horos Satiriko Theatro & Prozak Coffee Shop

Lefkosia Loop Festival is celebrating its sixth birthday this year and for the first time it's taking place in the spring time, in two different, venues for four days, presenting artists from Cyprus, Greece and England. Τhe cosy space of Prozak Coffee Shop will host three acts on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March, with free entry, while the Satirikon Theatre Basement will host the main day of the festival with five acts, on the 4th of March.
Stylistically, the artists vary from electronic music, hip hop, post-rock and beatbox, with emphasis on improvisation. In this year's edition of Lefkosia Loop Festival we will be exposed to: the frantic and distorted musical world of Larry Gus (who had everyone talking about his set at Fengaros 2016), the brand new project by the colorful sound machine that is Βunty, the cinematic ambience and drony melodies of Sugar Factory, the sweet psychedelia of ELY, the unique violin and vocal sounds of Fotis Siotas (Sancho 003), the improvisational set of Emiddio Vasquez using a tape machine, the synthezisers and drum machines of Spivak and the live recording and processing of the sounds of Kalvaris by ΤROMPKTN!
The festival will also host for the first time, the two hour workshop "Live Looping & FX" by master-looper and musician Fotis Siotas. The workshop addresses musicians interested in the live-looping technique, as well as performers who want to broaden their knowledge. The workshop will take place at the Ethnikon Odeon Kiprou concert hall in Ayios Dometios on Thursday March 2nd at 17:00, with free entry. It's a unique opportunity for the public to watch one of the most experienced and impressive users of live-looping!


Wednsday, 1st March - Prozak Coffee Shop - Free Entry
21:00 - TROMPKTN feat Kalvaris (CY)
Thursday, 2nd March - Εthnikon Odeon (Ayios Dometios) - Free Entry
17:00 - Looping & FX - Workshop with Fotis Siotas (GR)
Booking in advance needed***
Thursday, 2 Μαρτίου - Prozak Coffee Shop - Free entry
21:00 - Fotis Siotas (GR)
Friday, 3 March- Prozak Coffee Shop - Free Entry
21:00 - ELY (UK/CY)
Saturday, 4 March -Satiriko Theatre Basement
21:00 - Emiddio Vasquez (CY)
21:45 - Sugar Factory (GR)
22:45 - Spivak (CY)
23:30 - Bunty (UK)
00:30 - Larry Gus (GR)

Tickets: €15 (for Saturday 4th of March 2017)

Pre-sale: Online and at Prozak Coffee Shop (22104244) - only 250 tickets available

*** To reserve your place for the Looping & FX workshop with Fotis Siotas, send an email to info@louvana.com.cy titled "LOOPING & FX", and write the attendee/s name/s and telephone number within the email. 

Sponsors: Carlsberg, Ministry of Culture and Education, Youth Board Cyprus
Supporters: studio eleven63, Prozak Cofee Shop, Frederick University (Audio Visual Communication)
Media Sponsors: Parathyro, Street Radio, cyprusnews.eu

Information: e: info@louvana.com.cy | t: 70007610




Larry Gus (GR)

It's the alias of Greek musician / producer Panagiotis Melidis. After the release of his first album Stitches (Cast-A-Blast 2009), as well as releases on various compilations and remixes, he signed with U.S. label DFA Records with which he has release three albums Silent Congas (DFA 2012), Years Not Living (DFA 2013) and I Need New Eyes (DFA 2015). His music is a journey from Afrobeat to Ηip-Ηop and everything in between with multi-layered vocals and the use of many samples. He has a reputation for his chaotic live shows!



The dynamic solo project of Kassia Zermon from Brighton, UK will feature improvisations using elusive stories, found objects and the lost tribe of a thousand voices! She was a part of Loop Festival in 2012 as well as Fengaros 2015 and we are looking forward to having her back!


Sugar Factory (GR)

Duet (Stelreverb - guitar / samples, Stavros P. - guitar / bass) based in Thessaloniki who has released two 7’’ vinyls (Sudden Pause), one digital E.P. and a tape with live recorings (Logarithm Cassette Label),while tracks of theirs have been included in compilations. The group's live performancs are accompanied by visual material which ties harmonically with their sounds and crates a complete atmosphere. They have shared the stage with God Is An Astronaut, Wovenhand, Piano Magic and Underground Youth, while in 2014 they opened the music documentary festival ‘In-Edit’, showcasing their own material.

sugar factory

Fotis Siotas(GR)

Fotis Siotas is well known to the Loop Festival audience from his appearances with Sancho 003 in previous years. This year he is gracing us with an open workshop on looping and fx, as well as a solo set at the cosy environment of Prozak Cofee Shop, in which he will perform Sancho 003 material, his own compositions and songs, plus some covers using his violin, his voice and effects.


Henry Walton's ELY is a solo project with guest collaborators invoking the world of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas soundtrack, Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock, Tortoise and Efterklang. A project focused upon a singular vision, but obsessed with the notion of collaboration. Musicians are used in a way that allows them to play freely and instinctively with the resulting recordings bent and manipulated into something more detailed and deliberate.

Emmidio Vasquez (CY)

Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra, born in Dominican Republic and raised in Limassol, Cyprus. Along his formative education in philosophy and mathematics, Emiddio has been working with sound on both the stage and in gallery spaces under various aliases using extended techniques (guitar), modular synthesizer, turntables, field recordings, reel-to- reel and digital processes.

Spivak (CY)

Spivak is a project of electornic music synthesis that uses analog as we well as digital synthesizers and sequencers. Spivak, besides producing, she composes her live sets bringing together various layers of techno drum beats and melodic synth patterns creating a cinematic atmosphere. She has performed live set and made sound installations in Cyprus, Greece and Beriln and she has collaborated with artists in spaces like Volks and Thkio Ppallies.


ΤΡΟΜΠΚΤΝ feat Kalvaris (CY)

ΤΡΟΜΠΚΤΝ is a solo project by Andreas Trachonitis. He borrowed his name from ΣΚΡΟΜΠΚΤΝ. He borrows loopers and pedals. He lends ambience and noise, sometimes rhythmical and sometims abstract. In Loop '17 he will play with Kalvaris at Prozak for the first (and probably last) time.