Lefkosia Loop Festival 2016

5-6 January 2016
Egomio Cultural Center

Lefkosia Loop Festival Poster

Louvana Records is organising Λευκωσία Loop Festival, which this year is hosting ten acts, its largest line-up to date, to celebrate the festival's fifth birthday. The visiting artists hail from Cyprus, Greece, England and Poland. The festival will once again take place at its favorite venue, Egomio Cultural Center, in Egomi.
This year is focusing further on experimentation through electronic and electro-acoustic means in the styles of hip hop, post rock, jazz, and electronic, with a strong emphasis on improvisation: the meta-digital soundscape of Pandelis Diamantides, through which he introduces elements from different musical styles, the brand new work by hip-hop producer Yegor Cergei who uses samples from the radio, beatbox and electronic instruments, the cinematic/psychedelic soundscapes of Zeyn Mroueh created with guitar and various effects, Radek Rudnicki’s improvisatory set which feeds live-loops through drum machines combined with bass-heavy beats, Elena Agathokleous and Dimitris Spyrou who base their performance on Alexandros Papadiamantis “Fonissa” and Kazantzakis’ “Askitiki”, the psychedelic/jazz/ambient set of the duo Nikos Sidirokastritis and Jannis Anastasakis which balances between noise and sound, the brand new project oaes which incorporates flute and electronics, the experimental project Blue Loquat which mixes influences from various genres and aesthetics based on dance music, the instrumental compositions of Babis Papadopoulos, who will perform songs from his entire musical journey using his guitar and laptop and the debut performance of TROMPKTN, Andreas Trachonitis’ solo project who experiments through his loop station and pedals.
All of the above will form the Λευκωσία Loop Festival 2016 programme as shown below:
Tuesday, January 5th 2016
Nikos Sidirokastritis / Jannis Anastasakis (GR)
Pandelis Diamantides (CY)
Blue Loquat (CY)
Zeyn Mroueh (UK)
Wednesday, January 6th 2016
Babis Papadopoulos (GR)
Radek Rudnicki  (POL)
Yegor Cergei (GR)
Elena Agathokleous / Dimitris Spyrou (CY)
oaes (UK/GR)

Starts: 19:30
Info: 70007610
Tickets: €15 (for a two-day ticket)

Presale: Prozak Kafeneio (22104244), Crepaland Egomis (22261000), Egomio Cultural Centre (22781104), Sousami (99846645)

Presale starts on December 5th, limited number of tickets.

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture and Education, Youth Board of Cyprus
Supporters: Studio eleven63, Prozak Kafeneio, Crepaland, Frederick University (Audio Visual Communication)
Communication Sponsors: Parathyro, Street Radio


Video Song

Louvana Records asked all participating artists to send a short video of themselves performing a musical phrase, giving them simple instructions on how to create it. None of the participants knew what the others had sent. The team at Louvana Records then compiled all the videos/phrases together to create an original composition.

Here's the result!




Nikos Sidirokastritis / Jannis Anastasakis (GR)

An experimental, improvisatory project,, compiled by on the greatest jazz drummers in Greece, Nikos Sidirokastritis, and the beloved pedal creator-guitarist, Jannis Anastasakis. The first one’s characteristic drum playing combines with the second’s unique approach to the guitar to create an amalgam of ambient, jazz and psychedelia, which balances between sound and noise, often crossing the limits of what is generally accepted.

Babis Papadopoulos (GR)

Guitarist Babis Papadopoulos, known from his early days with the band Trypes, but also through his subsequent personal and collaborative career, has left his own stigma on the greek musical reality. His “Electric Solo” live act present a setlist filled with his own organic compositions, songs taken from his entire musical journey, as well as acute elements of improvisation. His tools are his guitar and a computer, where he uses effects and loops to travel from lyricism to modernism and to a world of sonic sensation, creating intense images, feelings and moods. All the elements that have made him so recognizable and unique, as well as beloved by his fans through the past year, are magnified in full force and development.

oaes (GR/UK)

A new project based on the convergent paths of improvised and semi-deterministic sound in the shape of flute and electronics. Evi Nakou on flute and Jim Hoult on electronics drive digital syntheses with real-time audio and data from an acoustic instrument. They measure how sound begins, ends and morphs in time while using the timbre itself to suggest how the signal processing itself could morph, with each performance being a snapshot f the duo's evolution.

Radek Rudnicki (POL)

Radek presents an improvised and generative live-set, linking programmed structure and networks of loops made on the modular synthesizer. His loops are generated live with synthesizers and sampled into drum machines, to create dense textures, glitches and bass-heavy abstract beats.

Zeyn Mroueh (CY)

Based in London, UK, Zeyn Mroueh creates an amalgamation of psychedelic melodies and sweeping cinematic drones primarily using his guitar. Citing his main influences as Montreal’s massive Post-Rock movement of the mid-ninties, there are elements to his music reminiscent of the abstract and eerie tension so prevalent within the era’s most notable artists.

Yegor Cergei (CY)

On his first live appearance in Cyprus, the country he grew up in, he’ll present a series of instrumentals and accapellas produced from his MC collaborators. His material is mixed and processed in real time, chopping and transforming words and beats as he goes along.

Pandelis Diamantides (CY)

An immersive post-digital sonic world enhanced by the physicality of real-time manipulation of sound-synthesis parameters. Sound is manipulated and deconstructed through a complex network of algorithms and various digital signal processing units. Microseq's novel (sonic) world pursues musical discourse in terms of developmental sound design, where different styles and forms are being introduced, decomposed and warped.

Blue Loquat (CY)

Blue Loquat is a live electronic duo whose music relies on thedelicate balancing act between various, often opposing elements.Experimenting with form through the juxtaposition of various genresand musical aesthetics, the duo takes the crowd on a rollercoasterride of emotional states. While the performance explores therelationship between live music and the dance floor, the duo useselectric guitars, bass guitar, analogue synthesizers and vocals tocreate a unique live performance, in essence, merging the atmosphere of a live concert with the club experience.

Elena Agathokleous / Dimitris Spyrou (CY)

To Skasimon sti Loupa:

Αn acoustic narration with texts from the «Murderess»by Alexandros Papadiamantis and the «Ascesis: The Saviors of God» by Nikos Kazantzakis, in a landscape of sound repetitions. With Elena Agathokleous and Dimitres Spyrou. Production: Center of Performing Arts MITOS.


TROMPKTN is Andreas' Trachonitis solo project. It borrowed its name from SKROMPKTN. It borrows loop stations and pedals. It lends ambience and noise, sometimes in rhythm and sometimes in abstract. Its greatest ambition is to be recorded, so that the music can be heard at least one more time.