Year in Review - What happened in 2016

This year has been another productive year for the non-profit record label, Louvana Records. It was, perhaps, its most successful year in its 7-year-long course in the cypriot music scene.

Lefkosia Loop Festival 2016

Lefkosia Loop Festival 2016 took place on the 5th and 6th of January 2016, celebrating its 5th birthday and hosting twelve acts from Cyprus, Greece, England and Poland for a crowd of more than 300 viewers. The festival is unique in its kind in that it has been offering an exclusive preview of the live-looping technique every year since its begginings.

Watch videos from this year's festival below:

Lefteris Moumtzis – Now Happiness

On the 16th of January, we released Lefteris Moumtzis' first solo album titled "Now Happiness", which was then presented live in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, France and England to great reception. It has recently been voted as the 4th best album of 2016 by greek website Avopolis. In May, it was also released on vinyl.

Watch the official video of first single here:

Βelua – As Good a Time as Any

On the 28th of the same month, Louvana Records released Belua's debut album titled As Good a Time as Any’, which the band presented live at Enallax in Nicosia on the same night. The album was later performed in Athens and on further concerts in Cyprus.

Listen to the whole album here:

Live at the Library – Amalgamation Choir

On the 3rd of March, the second Live at the Library series was released, featuring Amalgamation Choir, directed by Vasiliki Anastasiou. The series showcases four songs, three re-arrangements of traditional songs and an original written by Giorgos Kalogirou. The series was a great success and has reached thousands of viewers on a global level. 

Watch it below:

‘Before Fengaros Vol.1, Vol.2 andVol.3’

In June and July, three promotional concerts took place to "warm up" the crowd for the coming Fengaros Festival. The events were organised in collaboration with Bank of Cyprus' Cultural Centre and the festival Faneromeni 16, and were presented at the foundation's' outdoor space. The artists that took part were Belua, The Low Spark and Vasiliki Anastasiou with pianist Andreas Panteli.

Fengaros Music Village 2016

Fengaros Music Village took place at the end of July for the third consecutive year, offering five days filled with music, theatre and storytelling workshops, free concerts, lectures and presentations at the beautiful village of Kato Drys. The organisation had its most successful year, hosting 75 students from Cyprus, Greece, France, Germany, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and 11 instructors from Cyprus, Greece and England, slowly building up an international artistic community. 

Fengaros Festival 2016

Fengaros Festival came right after Fengaros Music Village, lasting three days,  and hosting, on three stages, more than 40 acts from Cyprus, Greece, England and Israel in the warm setting of Kato Drys. More than 4000 guests from Cyprus and Europe attended the three-day event, proving once more that it's one of the highlights of the Cypriot summer. 

Watch the Aftermovie of this year's festival:

 ‘Α week at the village 2016’

On the 24th of September, a lovely outdoor event was hosted at Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, where the latest mini-documentary "Fengaros Music Village 2016 - A week at the village" was shown. The evening also featured a perfrormance by the band Fuzz Bus, which later became a jam session with lots of Music Village student musicians and other guests musicians.

Watch the documentary below:

Sotires - Sotires

Finally, on the 28th of November, Louvana Records released its 3rd release for 2016 titled Sotires, a new band, which is a result of the collaboration between Greek and Cypriot musicians. The album was presented live in December in Athens, Thessaloniki, Limassol and Nicosia, after two videoclips were released. The third edition of the series "Live at the Library" featuring Sotires will be released on the 15th of January 2017.

Watch the video for the second single here:

We would like to thank all musicians, artists, collaborators, volunteers and staff that worked with us in this past year. Special thanks to our sponsors and supporters and their contributions to all of the above.

Most of all, we'd like to thank the audience that supports our every effort.

Have a happy new year!


Louvana Records deals mainly with the organisation of festicals, concerts and workshops which revolve around music. The company also deals with the production and release of music albums by local and international artists, following through the stages of recording until their release and promotion. In the past few years Louvana also creates and releases music video as a means of artist promotion. Totalling the release of seven albums and two performance video series, Louvana is set to release 2 more albums and 2 more performance videos in 2017


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  Live at the Library (2016) The Amalgamation Choir recorded live at the Cyprus Library

  Sotires (2016) The debut album by Sotires, featuring Fotis Siotas (CD)

  Now Happiness (2016) The first solo album by Lefteris Moumtzis

Joy in pain, pain in joy (2014) The third album by Greek guitarist / composer Babis Papadopoulos.

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Lefteris Moumtzis Lefteris Moumtzis, founder and frontman of J.Kriste, Master of Disguise releases solo album.

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