Sotires - Live at the Library

After the success of its predecessors, J. Kriste, Master of Disguise (2014) and Amalgamation Choir (2016), the third episode from the series Live at the Library features the new band Sotires in a live performance, once again at the Cyprus Library.

The episode includes four songs, three taken from their newly released, self-titled debut album, released last November by
Louvana Records (Κostizei, Telonia and Lipimeni Nifi), and a brand new song (Patimasies), which has so far only been heard at their live shows. The album has been presented live both in Greece and Cyprus to much critical acclaim, as it has been voted as one of the best albums of 2016 by various online magazines.

The band consists of:
Fotis Siotas (violin), Kostas Pantelis (electric guitar), Lefteris Moumztis (bass, backing vocals) and Vasilis Bacharidis (drums).

The performance was recorded and produced by
Andreas Trachonitis, who also mixed the tracks with Mikaela Tsangari at Studio eleven63 in Nicosia. It was filmed by Michalis Kalopedis and Zedem Media. The mastering was done by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Productions in Athens.


All videos are now available on Louvana Records’ YouTube channel, and the tracks will soon be available on all online platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc).


Μore information about Sotires and their new album can be found here.

Enjoy below!




1. Kostizei
Music: Fotis Siotas
Lyrics: Fotis Siotas, Lefteris Moumtzis

2. Patimasies
Music: Kostas Pantelis
Lyrics: Fotis Siotas

3. Telonia
Music: Fotis Siotas, Lefteris Moumtzis
Lyrics: Yiannis Melissidis

4. Lipimeni Nifi
Music: Fotis Siotas, Lefteris Moumtzis
Lyrics: Kostas Vrachnos


Produced by Andreas Trachonitis for Louvana Records
Director: Michalis Kalopedis (Zedem Media)
Recording and Mixing: Andreas Trachonitis and Mikaela Tsangari (Studio eleven63)
Mastering: Yiannis Christodoulatos (Sweetspot Productions)
Camera operators: Michalis Kalopedis, Constantinos Stylianou, Andreas Christophides and Aimilia Sourmeli
Video Editing: Michalis Kalopedis and Efi Modestou
Makeup artist: Mari Mannaridou
Assistants: Zeyn Mroueh, Titos Avraamides and Pavlos Polycarpou