1. The Age Of Now
  2. Poems
  3. Destined For Greatness
  4. At War
  5. The City That Rules Our Minds
  6. Magnificent Blues
  7. Friendly Ones
  8. Flood
  9. Godliness - part I
  10. Godliness - part II
  11. In The Garden
  12. Starseed
  13. Wisdom Well


A few words about the artist

The Age of Now

The Age of Now

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The third album by J.Kriste, Master of Disguise

The awaited third album by J.Kriste, Master of Disguise was released on December 21st,  2012. It is a piece of work deeply connected with the present time and its utilization. In an age where nothing is certain, Moumtzis, seeks the things that really matter and recreates his own musical world, made from feelings of love toward the human being and its nature. This new work is attempting to contemplate on the inner fermentations of man against the complexity of today’s society. More specifically, the songs of the album deal with the dual aspect that is imposed on us through globalization, that is: the sad reality of decentralization-alienation of people and societies from their fundamental cores of existence (place of birth e.t.c.) on one hand, and, on the other hand, the opportunities that globalisation offers, such is the productive interaction with other human beings and other societies.

It was recorded and mixed at eleven63 studio in Lefkosia by Andreas Trachonitis and assistant engineer Mikaela Tsangari. It was mastered by Mike Hartung at Propeller Mastering, Oslo.

Besides Moumtzis, on the record appear Mario Michael, Pavlos Michaelides, Andreas Trachonitis, Fotis Siotas and Kostas Pantelis (Sancho 003), Sofia Efklidou, Stelios Romaliadis (Luup), Eleftheria Daoultzi, Demetris Yiasemides, Harris Lambrakis, ColinSomervell(TrioTekke), Dave De Rose (Electric Jalaba, Mulatu Astatke), JamesAdams and more. The cover of the album is illustrated by Froso Mavrou, the photography is by Giorgos Ioannou and the layout by Philippos Vassiliades.

Some quotes about ‘The Age of Now”:

“…accomplished and mature record which expands in depth.”****
Athens Voice

“…an album about the luminous side of man, the inmost strengths that drove its societies forward in the course of history.” 8/10 – Suggestion of the month
Ihos ke Ikona Magazine

“This record has it all. All the yeast and dough of the big records of the past. There’s not a filler song here. They are all equally good.”
Parathyro, Politis Newspaper

“…it succeeds, more strongly than ever, in finding the golden balance.” 8,5/10

“Masterpiece!” 5/5