1. Bone dry
  2. Dirty water
  3. We’ll wave from the shore
  4. May wonder never die
  5. Dancing in the kitchen
  6. Blood in my eyes
  7. Everytime we say goodbye
  8. Thrill seeker
  9. Glimpses of you
  10. Man running
  11. Gabriella
  12. Go as if on water


A few words about the artists

Adam Beattie & the Consultants

Extraordinary Scottish singer-songwriter based in London, with rotating group of musicians

We'll wave from the shore

We'll wave from the shore

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Songs about broken people and finding beauty in the little moments of a simple life, all put together into charming, finely crafted songs.

Songs about shipwrecked people and the beautiful little moments of a simple life. each one of them a diamond! «We’ll wave from the shore» is the title of the album, taken from the song with the same name. The material fondles with english-american folk and the blues of the past, but the compositions, combined with the lyrics step firmly in the 'now'. The uncurable love of that Adam has for Tom Waits is evident almost in the entire album.  His voice is flawless, soft in places, like the introductory tune Bone Dry and the ballad Everytime we say goodbye, probably the most beautiful song on the album, and in places harsh and scrathy (Thrill seeker, Gabriella). The Consultants follow faultelessly his every step in all the styles and dynamics that he attempts, delivering successfully the required sonic color for each song.